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Surface Hair Care, Meet Lu.

Here at Lucky Lu’s, we are committed to bringing only the best. And we just couldn’t ignore Surface any longer.

Surface is high performance, salon exclusive hair care that respects personal health and the earth. All Surface products are formulated with sustainable harvested ingredients and certified organic botanicals. They are free of sulfates, gluten, parabens, animal protein, mineral Oil, and phthalates. Surface also cold presses all of their materials, making their products some of the highest quality available. Every product within the Surface line has Color Vita Complex—ceramide III, vitamin A,C,E, and antioxidants— Infused into each of them, protecting your hair and color to the fullest. With unique ingredients such as babassu oil, amaranth protein, sugars, and corn starch, this line is sure to make your hair the healthiest it’s ever been. Visit for more information and come see us at Lucky Lu’s to try this fabulous product line today!

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Going Even Greener Here at Lucky Lu’s!

Hold on to your reusable water bottles and Toyota Prius’s, we are unrolling some pretty cool changes at Lucky Lu’s.

Starting in July, Lucky Lu’s will be partnering with Green Circle Salons (feel free to click on that pretty logo in the right sidebar) to change the way salons deal with waste. We will be repurposing or recycling all of our salon waste from here on out. That’s right people. That means your hair, your foils, your unused color, your color tubes, the list goes on! Curling irons, light bulbs, paper, even plastic bags. This is major change. Up until this point, there was no way of recycling salon waste.

We are asking clients to pay $1.50 per visit to make this program possible. Help us create change and a cleaner world. We love our clients and love our planet. We hope you are as excited as we are. Don’t hesitate to ask your stylist any questions you may have.

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Meet Miss Erin B.

The very talented Erin has decided to make a new home at Lucky Lu’s, and we are so happy to have her. Innovative and skilled in all of her creative endeavors, Erin brings so much to the table as a hairdresser. No color challenge too great, no cut too extreme, Erin takes every opportunity to make every head of hair unique and special. She is also a talented makeup artist and an educator for Surface Hair Care, a high performance hair care line now available at Lucky Lu’s. We are so excited to have her on our team.

A word from Erin.

“Creativity is number one in my book. My career has spanned many types of creative endeavors from drawing and painting, to graphic design, to jewelry making, to hair and makeup. Many people say, “Wow! You’ve really changed your career path.” But, what most people don’t realize is that all of this was much more of an expansion of my career path, and I still do most of these things today. Although each thing is a different creative medium, they are all very closely linked. All use the same techniques, thought processes, color theories, and trend assessments to create magic!

I feel so grateful to have been able to expand my career to where it is currently and to be able take all of my experiences to draw upon when creating someone’s next look. All of these things allow me to have in depth knowledge when it comes to color and an out-of-the box approach when it comes to cutting. My goal is to share my creativity with you to make you feel your very best. When you feel your best, you give the world your best, and that’s oh so important.”